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My Story

I have been running for over 20 years and have raced at distances from 200m on the track through to 110 mile ultra marathons. I run 6 times a week and run several races a year as I work towards my own running goals (oh and by the way I have a coach too, as I really believe coaching works!).


I have podium finishes in races and have PBs of 5k; 18.30, 10k; 38.45 Half Marathon 1.22, Marathon 3.05 and 110 miles; 27 hours! I am always striving to improve myself and spend countless hours reading, researching and learning about running all of which feeds into my coaching approach. I trained as a running coach in Iten, Kenya (home of multiple world and olympic champions) and have coached a range of runners of all abilities


I am trained improvement coach in healthcare and have helped many teams and individuals improve processes, communication, how they work and the service they provide, again I am able to weave these experiences into my running coaching to help athletes improve using goals, measurement, and learning from success and failure. I also coach childrens football and cricket so this provides constant learning for me in how to adapt my style for different people!


I am happily married dad of three boys and we enjoy plenty of time together as a family, indoors, outdoors and watching Sheffield Wednesday. My wife Alison and I host a successful weekly podcast Running Partners, which we discuss all aspects of running.

Track racing
Finish of UTMB
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